Micro Detectors
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Photoelectric safety barriers use visible or infrared radiation to determine the border crossing of a security zone. The barrier is formed of two racks that emit and receive light radiation, located on opposite sides of the control zone. The photodetector stand can be located at a distance of up to 7 meters from the emitter stand.

In case of obstruction in the control zone, the light flux is interrupted, and the optical receiver ceases to record radiation. This triggers the sensor.

Optical barriers from the catalog serve:

  • for security;
  • to prevent injuries;
  • to disable dangerous machinery;
  • to calculate the number of moving objects;
  • to work in conjunction with identification systems.

If people or foreign objects get into the danger zone, the equipment will give a warning signal and also turn off the mechanism. The device is also convenient for detecting and counting objects moving along an unstable path.

The following types of security barriers are available:

  • Type of control unit 2
  • Type 2 safety light curtains
  • Type 4 light curtains
  • Single Beam Type 2 and Type 4 Photoelectric Sensors