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Ultrasonic sensors

UK series M18 cylindrical ultrasonic sensors sense in direct diffuse mode. A teach-in button is used to set working distance, output status (NO/NC) and slope of analog output and to change the function. All models are temperature compensated to ensure reliability throughout the entire detection range and are totally resin filled for applications subject to vibration offering an IP67 protection degree. 
Cylindrical ultrasonic sensors
UK series ultrasonic sensors IP67 (EN60529)

  • Sensitivity: Adjustable (via external teach-in)
  • Ambient limits: -20 - +60°C
  • Supply protection: Polarity reversal, transient
  • LED indication: Orange (output/regulation), green (echo reception)
  • Housing material: PBT plastic (AISI 316L stainless steel available on request)

The following types of ultrasonic sensors are available:

  • Cubic
  • Fork
  • M18
  • M18 short body
  • M30